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The iPlus WaterLase laser is a high-tech tool that improves patient comfort, reduces anxiety, and in many cases can mean no shot, no drill and no pain.  Dr. Kameron Schaberg uses laser dentistry because it provides a more comfortable experience and the best dentistry for the patients at Advanced Dentistry of Vermont.  The WaterLase laser system combines laser energy and a gentle spray of water to cut teeth, gums and even bone without heat, vibration or pressure – all of the things that make the drill hurt. The only sound that patients hear is a gentle popping noise, removing much of the anxiety from the experience of being in the dentist’s chair.


Lasers offer numerous benefits, especially when compared to that dental drill you grew up exposed to!  Some advantages are:

  • Significantly less pain during and after treatment
  • Lessens and even eliminates need for anesthesia
  • Reduces anxiety in those with a history of fearing the dental drill
  • Minimizes bleeding and swelling during treatment
  • Proven to be more accurate than the traditional drill
  • Allows the dentist to preserve more bone and tooth during treatment
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination


Dr. Schaberg is able to utilize the WaterLase technology to perform a full range of clinical laser procedures including:

  • Cavity removal
  • Oral surgery
  • Gum recontouring
  • Root canals
  • Tooth desensitizing
  • Biopsy or lesion removal
  • Bacterial reduction

Not all lasers are created equal. 

The iPlus is both a hard- and soft-tissue laser capable of modifying teeth, bone, and soft tissue with ease. It’s the most advanced laser on the market today and it allows Dr. Schaberg to perform a number of treatments that other dentists cannot or will not do. Quite simply, just because a doctor owns a laser does not mean that he or she can perform the treatments made possible with the Waterlase iPlus. In fact, the chances are good that the dentist will not be able to perform what Dr. Schaberg can!

Most lasers on the market today are diode soft-tissue lasers that are best used for cutting gum tissue only. These lasers are great for simple soft-tissue surgery like gingivectomies, but unfortunately, that’s about it.  Dr. Schaberg distinguishes himself through his training, expertise, and use of the Waterlase iPlus.  He has earned an Associate Fellowship in the World Clinical Laser Institute.

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See the WaterLase in action! This 8-Year-Old Has Cavity Fixed with No Shot, No Pain, and No Drill.

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